Daily Current Affairs Quiz 29 March 2022

Daily Current Affairs Quiz 29 March 2022

Daily Current Affairs Quiz 29 March 2022: This post contains Questions/Quiz based on the Current Affairs and Important News of 29 March 2022. These questions have been framed keeping in mind the pattern of banking and competitive exams and hence this current affairs quiz will be helpful for upcoming competitive exams. Give our online current affairs test every day to be prepared for all Current Affairs competitive exams

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  1. RBI Governor Shaktikanta Das has recently dedicated an Ink Manufacturing Unit “Varnika” an which place?

    A) Hyderabad

    B) Mysuru

    C) Siliguri

    D) Pune

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    Option B

    Explanation:Shri Shaktikanta Das (Governor of RBI) has dedicated “Varnika”, the Ink Manufacturing Unit of Bharatiya Reserve Bank Note Mudran Private Limited (BRBNMPL) to the nation in Mysuru.

  2. Which player has won the Formula One 2022 Saudi Arabian Grand Prix?

    A) Max Verstappen

    B) Lewis Hamilton

    C) Charles Leclerc

    D) Carlos Sainz Jr. 

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    Option A

    Explanation:Max Verstappen (Red Bull – Netherlands) has won the Formula One 2022 Saudi Arabian Grand Prix.

  3. Pramod Sawant has been sworn in as the Chief Minister of Goa for second term after winning 20 seats in the 2022 state Assembly elections. What was the total number of seats in 2022 Goa Assembly Election?

    A) 60

    B) 30

    C) 50

    D) 40

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    Option D

    Explanation:Pramod Sawant took oath as the Chief Minister of Goa on March 28, 2022 for the second straight five-year term. Pramod Sawant led the BJP in the recently concluded 2022 Goa Assembly elections and won 20 seats in the 40-member Goa Assembly.

  4. The foundation stone to set up a Learning and Development Centre (LDC) of BRBNMPL has been laid at which place?

    A) Kochi

    B) Bhopal

    C) Mysuru

    D) Belagavi

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    Option C

    Explanation:Shri Shaktikanta Das (Governor of Reserve Bank of India (RBI)) has laid the foundation stone for the establishment of a Learning and Development Centre (LDC) of the Bharatiya Reserve Bank Note Mudran Private Limited (BRBNMPL) in Mysuru.

  5. The Indian Army version of Medium Range Surface to Air Missile (MRSAM) has been developed by DRDO in partnership with which country?

    A) Israel

    B) Russia

    C) France

    D) United States

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    Option A

    Explanation:The Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) conducted two successful flight tests of the Indian Army version of Medium Range Surface to Air Missile (MRSAM) against high-speed aerial targets at Integrated Test Range, Chandipur off the coast of Odisha.  It has been developed jointly by DRDO and Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI), Israel.

  6. Which film has won the Best Picture award at the 94th Academy Awards?

    A) Belfast 

    B) CODA

    C) The Power of the Dog

    D) King Richard

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    Option B

    Explanation: Best Picture-CODA  (Philippe Rousselet, Fabrice Gianfermi and Patrick Wachsberger)

  7. The first-ever road project, made out of waste steel has come up in which city of India?

    A) Surat

    B) Gurugram

    C) Hyderabad

    D) Jamshedpur

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    Option A

    Explanation:India’s first-of-its kind road made out of steel waste has come up in Surat city of Gujarat at the Hazira Industrial Area.

  8. Who among the following has been featured in the TIME100 Impact Awards 2022?

    A) Priyanka Chopra

    B) Kangana Ranaut

    C) Deepika Padukone

    D) Anuskha Sharma

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    Option C

    Explanation:Veteran Bollywood actress Deepika Padukone has been named as one of the awardees of the TIME100 Impact Awards 2022.

  9. Robert Abela has been re-elected as the Prime Minister of which country recently?

    A) Portugal

    B) Maldives

    C) Cyprus

    D) Malta

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    Option D

    Explanation:The Prime Minister of Malta, Robert Abela has been sworn in for second term after his ruling Labour Party won the 2022 general election in a landslide victory.

  10. Balikatan 2022 is a military drill of the US army with which country?

    A) Japan

    B) Philippines

    C) France

    D) South Korea

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    Option B

    Explanation:The United States military and the military of Philippines kicked off the military drill ‘Balikatan 2022’ on March 28, 2022.The Philippine-led annual exercise will take place across Luzon in Philippines region near Taiwan,from March 28 to April 8, 2022.

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