Daily Current Affairs Quiz 05 April 2022

Daily Current Affairs Quiz 05 April 2022

Daily Current Affairs Quiz 05 April 2022: This post contains Questions/Quiz based on the Current Affairs and Important News of 05 April 2022. These questions have been framed keeping in mind the pattern of banking and competitive exams and hence this current affairs quiz will be helpful for upcoming competitive exams. Give our online current affairs test every day to be prepared for all Current Affairs competitive exams

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  1. India observes National Maritime Day on which day of the year?

    A) 03 April

    B) 05 April

    C) 01 April

    D) 04 April

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    Option B

    Explanation:In India, the National Maritime Day is observed on 5 April, since 1964. The 2022 marks 59th edition of the annual celebrations.

  2. Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister recently inaugurated 13 new districts of the state, taking the overall districts in the state to __________

    A) 30

    B) 22

    C) 26

    D) 28

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    Option C

    Explanation:The Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, YS Jagan Mohan Reddy inaugurated 13 new districts in the state on April 04, 2022.The new districts have been carved out from the existing 13 districts.With this, the total number of districts in the state have increased to 26 district.

  3. Which player has won the men’s singles title at the 2022 Miami Open Tennis Tournament?

    A) Rafael Nadal

    B) Casper Ruud

    C) Stefanos Tsitsipas

    D) Carlos Alcaraz 

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    Option D

    Explanation: Carlos Alcaraz (Spain) beat Casper Ruud (Norway)

  4. Which Indian Space-tech startup has launched its first commercial satellite `Shakuntala’ from SpaceX’s Falcon-9 rocket?

    A) Pixxel

    B) Dhruva Space

    C) Bellatrix Aerospace

    D) TeamIndus

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    Option A

    Explanation:The Indian Spacetech startup Pixxel [Headquarter- Bengaluru] launched its first commercial satellite called `Shakuntala’ in April 2022. The full-fledged commercial satellite was launched onboard Falcon-9 rocket of Elon Musk-run SpaceX from Cape Canaveral in the US. The launch took place under SpaceX`s Transporter-4 mission.

  5. The award for the Best Record of the Year in 2022 Grammy has been bestowed on_________

    A) Winds of Samsara

    B) We Are

    C) Leave The Door Open

    D) Divine Tides

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    Option C

    Explanation:Record of the Year : Leave The Door Open (Silk Sonic)

  6. What is the name of the super app mobile application that will be launched by Tata Group in close competition with Whatsapp, Google Pay, AmazonPay?

    A) TataPe

    B) Tata Neu

    C) Tata Pass

    D) Tata Tap

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    Option B

    Explanation:The salt-to-software conglomerate, Tata Group has announced to launch its one-stop mobile app called Tata Neu, on April 07, 2022. Tata Neu is being launched as a supper app where users can find everything, from groceries to gadgets, and getaways.

  7. Who has been appointed as the inaugural Special Rapporteur for human rights and climate change by UNHRC?

    A) Dr Ian Fry

    B) Aisha Akbar

    C) Ineza Umuhoza Grace

    D) Ryan Bestre

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    Option A

    Explanation:The United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) has appointed Dr Ian Fry as the world’s first independent expert for human rights and climate change. Dr Fry has been appointed for a period of three years. He holds dual citizenship of Tuvalu and Australia. The position of Special Rapporteur for human rights and climate change was created by UNHRC in October 2021.

  8. Flipkart has launched a new organisation with special focus on development in rural areas and equitable access to growth opportunities for women communities. What is the name of this platform?

    A) Flipkart Care

    B) Flipkart Charity

    C) Flipkart Help

    D) Flipkart Foundation

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    Option D

    Explanation: Homegrown e-commerce giant, The Flipkart Group has constituted and launched the Flipkart Foundation, a new platform with focus on development in rural areas and providing equitable access to growth opportunities for women and other disadvantaged communities.

  9. Name the Indian musician who took home the 2022 Grammy Award for Best New Age Album?

    A) Prakash Sontakke

    B) Ricky Kej

    C) Mickey J Meyer

    D) Sandeep Chowta

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    Option B

    Explanation:It must be noted that Indian music composer, Ricky Kej also won the Grammy Award for his album Divine Tides, for the Best New Age Album. He won the award jointly with rock legend Stewart Copeland. This is the second Grammy Award win for Kej.

  10. Viktor Orban has been re-elected as the Prime Minister of which country in 2022 General Elections for the 4th straight year?

    A) Ireland

    B) Poland

    C) Hungary

    D) Finland

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    Option C

    Explanation:Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban won a fourth successive term in office by a landslide victory in the country’s general elections for 2022.

  11. Who is the author of the book “Crunch Time: Narendra Modi’s National Security Crises”?

    A) Ruby Miranda

    B) Jeetthayil

    C) Satish Chandra

    D) Sreeram Chaulia

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    Option D

    Explanation: A new book titled “Crunch Time: Narendra Modi’s National Security Crises” has been released. It has been authored by Sreeram Chaulia, a social scientist and an opinion maker on international issues.

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